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by Adam Watts

Having a website built or upgrading your existing website can be a costly venture, both in time and money. Your new online presence is an investment in your success, and as with any investment, having the proper guidance is the key to your success.

Calgary Web Development by Megawatts Creative

Searching for Calgary Web Development will bring up a myriad of designers and programmers, not to mention large creative companies - so how do you determine who really understands the hurdles that businesses have in their path to creating a proper user experience and deploying a professional website?

I've been developing and designing websites in Calgary for the past 10 years and can say that there are some extremely talented individuals out there - and some that are along for the ride - as with any industry. Here's the tricky part: do you pay for a state-of-the-art masterpiece or get your company online with the bare minimum for now?

What I've always found is that you do, in fact, get what you pay for. It's true. Quick fixes often lead to more costly solutions later - and websites are no different. Having a good developer on your side is like knowing a good mechanic. Sure you can get the work done by your friend - but how long will it be until that quick fix is no longer effective or you've out grown your initial investment?

Calgary Web Development Experts and Web Designers

These terms sound the same, and in many aspects they are. Developers and designers both create websites. They'll both be able to enter your content, add your logo and get your business online and looking great. The difference lies in what you don't see...the programming of the website which is responsible for properly ranking your site on Google, decreasing loading times and online security.

We offer affordable custom programmed websites with a focus on loading speed, search engine rankings and company branding. Because all of our designs are custom, your site will match your brand, invite your users and include real functionality that you need.

As your business grows, so does your website and your needs. Our specialty is creating a website user flow and work flow that benefits your business, giving you more space, speed and options as you need them.

Built-to-order is always better.

A quick look at some features that we can include on your website:

  • Events calendars with PayPal payments integrated
  • Subscription based websites
  • E-commerce centered websites
  • Blog websites and user-submitted content
  • Social platform setup

For more information about our services and what we can do for you, click here to read "what we do."

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