Our Philosophy

What Drives Our Success

Creating a valuable final product - whether a website design, web advertising or creating a custom program - depends on proper understanding of the client's needs as well as a deep understanding of the tools available. Megawatts builds and integrates custom solutions while continuing to follow industry standards, updates and breakthroughs to give our clients the best value for their investment.

Website Development from an Agency Perspective

Website development is an industry that's saturated and still in an up-and-coming position. Many companies have yet to invest properly in their web presence, and would benefit from a Web Development Agency that takes the big picture into account. Making sure that your content is protected, properly maintained, and - most importantly - owned by YOU is something that is often overlooked by Website Design companies, that do not employ developers, instead sending your information overseas to be built by an inferior (and cheap) service.

Direct communication with the individuals designing and building your website is a luxury that we are proud to provide.

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