MLS Listings on Your Website

Add MLS Listings to Your Website

We create branded MLS® Listings displays, customized to your needs.

For Canadian Realtors having an updated website with current MLS listings is a large advantage today - but who has the time to update all of their properties online? The hiring of a full-time web admin wouldn't cover it, with hundreds of new listings each day in some cities.

Attract the After-Hours Shopping/Selling Crowd

The number of prospective home buyers and sellers comparing prices and shopping after hours has grown with the popularity of mobile devices - which means, if you don't have listings on your website, those buyers and sellers are going somewhere else to look. Capturing just a fraction of this traffic can result in sales as well as boosting the popularity and search engine rank of your website.

Automated Listings by MLS Providers

It's true - there are options for free provided to brokers by their MLS® Region for website listings. Most of these lack the ability to be customized, offer too many options or include entirely too much data that's unimportant to your audience. We develop custom to download only data that you need and pull those properties, images or specific information in to your website and add it to your pages. Because we program in-house, we can offer more complete and branded solutions than companies offering a small monthly fee for a pre-built system.

More About Our Custom MLS® Listings Website Integration

MLS Listings screenshot - search viewWhat exactly makes a custom solution for MSL listings on your site better than a free or pre-built system which carries a small monthly fee? We tailor the display of your MLS listings, make them update automatically and set things up the way you need, with custom features to display only your properties, only your brokerage's properties - or however you'd like to show off current listings. This service is custom, and price varies depending on the features and design that you would like to include. This is a one-time charge, with no monthly fees from Megawatts Creative. Fees from MLS® providers vary throughout Canada, and each provides data specific to their region, though an initial buy-in, as well as a yearly fee to have access to your data should be expected.

We harness the power of WordPress

If your website is based on WordPress, we integrate your listings into your site admin panel to provide easy editing and display options. This will make your system easier to maintain for you and your employees and more versatile in the long-term. Creating a website with data that changes often and serves your audience, keeping them browsing through your site and navigating through pages is always a great way to climb the SEO ranks, attract new business and overtake your key competition. Contact us today at 403 478-9714 or email for more information on how to get your MLS® listings online now!

For Developers:

We develop MLS Listings displays usings PHRets - by Troy Davisson. This is an open-source library available online here. If you would like to read more on setting up a connection with PHRets and you're comfortable coding in PHP, MySQL and trying your hand with some new ideas, feel free to take a look at my blog post about Learning to Work with PHRets and Canadian MLS® Listings: Part 1.