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We're always looking for ways to connect with the online community and make the internet a better, more useful place to be. From now until November 15th, 2016, Megawatts Creative is giving away FREE website assessments to Calgary's companies.

Take advantage of this opportunity for some facts and figures about your website's performance as well as details on how to improve your rankings!

So what's included in your website SEO analysis?

Read on for some of the features of our website SEO analysis:

  • Page structure
  • Meta tagging
  • Content structure and media inclusion check
  • Search terms used
  • Number of pages ranked
  • Sitemap checks
  • Page loading times
  • Open graph inclusion check

Analyzing your website SEO with Megawatts and preparing a strategy

Once we've completed your website analysis, there's no commitment to work with us. We show you how to improve your rankings without paying for costly online advertising throughout the report - and if you choose to work with Megawatts going forward, we help you put these items to action.

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Adam Watts

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I'm the owner and project lead at Megawatts Creative where I custom design and develop websites, branding and promotional materials. I've been developing websites since 2006, specializing in WordPress as a CMS, and am a graduate of a 2D/3D animation program. I work in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS (mainly) and am a linux user and open-source enthusiast.

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