Web Development and Design Services

Megawatts Creative specializes in web development and online services centred around website creation and customization. We create custom websites and applications to help you realize better search rankings, customized workflows, beautiful design and more.

We achieve amazing results for our clients by working with them closely and learning about their barriers in business, their ultimate goals and their current competition. We then create a strategy for design, user interaction and features that will help our clients succeed online.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Engaging a Website Developer / Designer

When you're looking to have a website or a custom application built, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while planning your venture:

  1. Understand Your Industry: Analyze competition in your chosen industry. If this is a new area for you, do some searching online and make sure that you can carve out a niche that will allow your website to grow.
  2. Nothing Happens Overnight: Creating an online presence is work. Generally, the longer a website has been online, the stronger its rankings are. We create websites that outperform the competition to attempt to "jump the line" in getting great rankings.
  3. Content Is King: Be ready to put together content for your site. Website Developers tend to have an excellent understanding of how to work with clients and their content, but we aren't experts in your field! (Megawatts Creative can help with expert content writing services if you aren't keen on content creation)