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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an often misunderstood and overlooked aspect of maintaining a website. Proper search engine optimization involves keeping your site fresh with content updates and keyword analysis, among other things.

Megawatts Creative can help you build a strategy, based on your current and ideal visitors, that enhances your website visibility and can lead to higher search rankings - which is what everyone is looking for! The goal is to make your website strong enough in search that minimal advertising is required to find your audience.

Finding the Right Words

A key aspect of online advertising as well as search engine optimization, is the analysis of user data. It's easy to guess what your visitors are thinking, but it's not easy to be correct consistently. Visitor analysis helps us find trends in user searching, which helps us tailor your site to get the most valuable exposure possible.

SEO Helps Your Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is seldom mentioned - but it helps your search engine ranking while guiding users through your site who may not be able to see all of the fancy design work you paid for!

Call us for more information on search engine optimization for your website. We offer SEO analysis, implementation and marketing plans to help you promote your website properly online.

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What Else Can Effect Your Search Engine Rankings

The main player in search engines is Google - so let's concentrate on their ranking system. Other search engines have similar criteria, which is based on getting quality content to users.

Before you start going crazy on optimizing your pages for keywords and keyphrases, analyzing your website is a must. This can save you money in the long run by satisfying some of the basics that make up a quality site. Here's a quick list of Google's requirements for a high quality site:

  • It must load quickly - meaning that it doesn't take up memory that some users may not be able to afford. Resizing photos and minimizing scripts can make a big difference in loading times for slow devices and connections.
  • It must be designed responsively - meaning your site re-sizes depending on the screen size that it's being viewed on. If you're sending mobile visitors to another site, it's a strike against you, unfortunately.
  • You must submit sitemaps for your site, letting search engines know what pages are indexable online. Your pages may all be indexed without a sitemap, but your site will have a lower quality ranking if you don't have them.
  • Your website must be accessible - meaning that the necessary tags and information has been applied to all links and media on each page. Accessibility is important for many reasons, and since Google has enforced its application, accessibility has become important for your higher search engine rankings as well.
  • Less code, more content is a rule that's tough to follow if you're using a CMS such as WordPress, Drupal or Magento. The code that builds each page tends to slow loading and can effect your search engine rankings. We customize CMS themes to avoid this issue, removing unnecessary code - reducing loading times and helping to satisfy Google's requirements.
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